Arsal Syed

I am currently Postdoctoral Scholar at RTIS lab University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV). My research focuses on understanding human motion (social interaction, scene understanding, long-term trajectory prediction) in dense environment using computer vision and deep learning techniques.

Previously I finished my PhD at UNLV under supervison of Dr Brendan Morris, and worked in Industrial Automation and Controls industry.

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Current Projects

Machine Learning Infrastructure for Real Time Trajectory Prediction

To deploy state of the art trajectory prediction models at scale we are building a end-end machine learning framework. This prototype will include

1) Data Ingestion from live video feeds
2) Preprocessing engine
3) Machine learning experimentation platform
4) Model training and Evaluation
5) Deployment, real-time Inference and automated retraining

Semantic Scene Upgrades for Trajectory Prediction
Arsal Syed, Brendan Morris,
Journal of Machine Vision Applications, 2023

STGT: Forecasting Pedestrian Motion Using Spatio Temporal Graph Transformer
Arsal Syed, Brendan Morris,
Intelligent Vehicle Symposium, Nagoya, Japan, 2021

CNN, Segmentation or Semantic Embedding: Evaluating Scene Context for Trajectory Prediction
Arsal Syed, Brendan Morris,
International Symposium on Visual Computing (ISVC), San Diego, CA, USA, 2020

SSeg-LSTM: Semantic Segmentation for Trajectory prediction

Arsal Syed, Brendan Morris,
Intelligent Vehicle Symposium, Paris, France, 2019

Prediction of Traffic Density from Wireless Cellular Data
S.Wadoo, Arsal Syed, Vikrant Sood, Saajed Ali
Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference (ITSC), Rio, Brazil , 2016

Postdoctoral Scholar- Computer Vision                                 Dec 2021 - Present

Real-Time Intelligent Systems Lab

Research Assistant                                                                                 Sep 2017 - Aug 2021

Real-Time Intelligent Systems Lab


Research Intern                                                                                       Jan 2020 - July 2020

Hitachi America , Inc

Applied Scientist Intern                                                                     June 2019 - Aug 2019

cs188 Controls System Specialist                                                               April 2016 - Aug 2017

cs188 Research Assistant                                                                               Jan 2015 - Dec 2015

New York Institute of Technology

cs188 Visiting Researcher                                                                               June 2015 - Aug 2015

New York University

Center for Urban Science and Progress